Financial performance

Vintage 2018: one of John
Cockerill’s best

Vintage 2018: one of John
Cockerill’s best
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After a more difficult 2017, the financial performance of John Cockerill is back to growth in 2018.

General results

In thousand €20142015201620172018
Shareholders’ equity 132 320 192 256 282 369 262 671 131 144
Cash flow 306 029 267 832 268 741 96 254 114 625
Order entries 1 443 426 1 446 225 1 140 751 1 123 056 1 171 521
Turnover 896 059 1 317 439 1 227 119 933 665 1 296 897
Operating result 52 582 113 701 114 134 65 057 86 108

The above data, covering the period since 2015, are those for the Consortium comprising all of the Group’s business sectors and its real estate operations. Given the percentage stake held by the Consortium (directly or indirectly) in each of the subsidiaries included in the combined figures, the majority of the Consortium’s companies are consolidated by the full consolidation method.

These data are published in accordance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) accounting rules. Applying these standards ensures consistent consolidation of the Group’s accounts across its entire scope. It also provides for international legibility and comprehensibility of the Group’s performance. All financial data are available in the Group Financial Report.

Order entries (EUR Mios)

At 1.172 billion euros, the orderbook for 2018 is the Group’s third best ever. Note the remarkable performance by Services, which has doubled since 2017, reaching € 498 million!

The Group is gradually rebalancing the weighting of the different sectors of its activities. Non defense orders have been growing since 2016.

Turnover (EUR Mios)

After a rather disappointing 2017, 2018 sales are the Group’s second best ever, just € 19 million short of the record in 2015!

Worth highlighting: the Defense turnover of € 503 m and the remarkable growth of Services: up € 100 million, more than half coming from the acquisition of the CIM Group in December 2017.

More than ever, John Cockerill is a diversified player, as illustrated by the spread of its turnover. Sales revenue outside of Defense is rising continuously, and reached €794 m in 2018.

Operating result (EUR Mios)

At € 86.1 million, and profitability running close to 7%, 2018 saw the John Cockerill Group achieve its third best ever operating profit.

Cash flow (EUR Mios)

The Group’s major Defense production and its refinancing trading, particularly through long-term debt, had a marked effect on the course of the Group’s cash flow in 2018.

Shareholders’ equity (EUR Mios)

Application of the IFRS standard to results of 1st January 2018 has meant that these show a significantly lower level of shareholders’ equity. They stand at €131 million at the end of 2018.

Key figures

Order entries (billion euros)
Turnover (billion euros)

Message from the Board

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Vintage 2018: one of John
Cockerill’s best